Over $70 billion dollars are spent each year on TV advertising, representing the largest portion of the U.S. advertising budget. As audience attention fragments to other media, other screens and time-shifted viewing, many of these dollars shift to digital. With new convergence technologies, this shift will open the window to new opportunities for broadcasters and advertisers.

The transformation of the TV industry is happening in real-time and the magnitude will have a lasting impact on the future of TV. The business models will change, the advertising technologies will change and the monetization path will undergo dramatic shifts. TV networks will choose technology partners that will help them transform their business and become more relevant as we witness and participate in an industry undergoing a seismic shift.

Advertising will change as we experience the convergence of TV, the internet and mobile

Distributing data-driven advertisement value will be critical on every screen

Delivering advertising with transactional opportunities will change business models

Encouraging engagement will bring new types of interactivity

Inspiring a direct relationship with the viewer/consumer will become a necessary part of brand focus

Targeting relevant engagement will bring viewers a more personalized experience

Measuring and tracking results as sophisticated as digital will be commonplace

Marrying the Power of TV with Digital Analytics

Existing Media Platforms

ACTV8me Platform


ACTV8me’s focus is specifically related to driving revenue with new business models while encouraging consumers to engage with programming.

ACTV8me provides a new opportunity to transform viewing from a one-way broadcast model to a two-way interactive model.

By adding a transactional layer to existing advertising infrastructure, ACTV8me closes the loop at the point of purchase, bringing an entirely new opportunity to the market and effectively inspiring real-time measurable transactions through television.

ACTV8me technologies will have major implications on television ad spending over the next few years. The TV sell side (programmers and distributors) and TV buy side (marketers and their advertising agencies) need a new, re-engineered TV ad model that focuses on data-driven transactional advertising.

Cross-channel campaigns will be measured holistically and advertisers will discover new insights, all with scale by combining TV and digital audiences at the same time.

This shift will benefit all the participants in the TV ecosystem. By assessing each of the dynamics in transition we can better understand the multiple risks and opportunities that the shift creates. ACTV8me will deliver both what consumers want and advertisers need– targeted relevant advertising through one ubiquitous platform.

Building a One-To-One Relationship - Data Driven Offers

The platform can target viewers based on their age, gender, location and media consumption behavior, bringing the reach of traditional TV advertising from the household level to the individual level, and providing a data-driven protocol that enables advertisers to connect and communicate with their target audience across all screens at the same time.




Media Consumption

Viewer Engagement

The viewer experience is changing dramatically and transforming the advertising marketplace. The key technologies that are poised to reinvent the industry will organically reach across all screens, be data-driven and transactional and offer a first-of-its-kind ROI for TV advertisers.

ACTV8me’s unique cross-platform approach to TV engagement leverages this shift by enabling brands to create a new relationship with their consumers via the mobile wallet, and deliver real measurable value from TV ads.

Over the next several years, TV networks, media distributors and advertisers will focus on connecting to the consumer on every screen by delivering not only compelling, relevant entertainment, but also added value and new transactional layers.

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