Unlock Value from the World Around You™

Unlock Value from the World Around You™

Enhanced TV Advertising Platform with Measurable Engagement
and a Transactional Layer

Enhanced TV Advertising Platform with Measurable Engagement and a Transactional Layer

Shaping Innovation with Data

Our proprietary platform delivers TV networks and advertisers real time viewer data. The data includes age, gender, location, purchase intent, and actual transaction data. This very valuable data has never been available to broadcast TV networks / Advertisers before. In December of 2017, ACTV8 launched the newest version of its platform with Univision and Walmart, and now ready to scale across TV networks around the globe.

The platform enables targeted ad serving, and can deliver very specific tailored offers based on the viewer's age, gender, and location. The platform then measures transactions inspired by the targeted advertisements. The platform enables TV broadcasters, advertisers, and retailers the ability to track the consumers' media viewing habits, and ultimately validate the transactions inspired by the advertisers media spend.

The ACTV8me Platform can send offers directly from your TV ad to the consumer’s mobile wallet and these offers can be automatically inserted into Apple Wallet and Google Wallet.

Apple and Google will spend billions of dollars over the next few years to convert consumers from the traditional wallet to the digital wallet...

The Place You Really Want Your Brand to Be is in the Consumer’s Most Personal Device, a Device the Consumer Touches Everyday - The Mobile Device.

Closing the Transaction Instantly - The First Ever Television Platform That Closes the Loop

Redeemable at major retailers across the country

Complete transactions instantly with online redemption

Walk into a retail store and redeem at the point-of-sale

Opportunity Focus

Drive new revenue for TV networks

Deliver advertisers new transactional ads

Track all data in real-time

Building a One-To-One Relationship - Data Driven Offers

The platform can target viewers based on their age, gender, location and media consumption behavior, bringing the reach of traditional TV advertising from the household level to the individual level, and providing a data-driven protocol that enables advertisers to connect and communicate with their target audience across all screens at the same time.




Media Consumption

The platform measures delivery, engagement, and transactions in real-time across all screens, effectively validating advertiser media buys with census level data points.

Our analytics unify consumer information, user engagement data and transactional data down to each individual.

The platform delivers critical demographic data on consumers such as gender, age, and location from engagement through transaction.

Our POS integration allows us to identify exactly what point a consumer was inspired to make a purchase, what value triggered the consumer to act and what media acted as the delivery vehicle.

“One of the best ways to determine the effectiveness of an ad campaign is to identify the number of people who physically visited a store after seeing an ad for a product sold in it.” *



User Data


* Source: http://adage.com/article/media/ad-tech-is-king-verizon-aol/298574/

One Tool That Does It All

Robust dashboard for campaign creation, distribution and management.




Mobii App

Leverage huge TV audiences to build a new meaningful
digital relationship with your consumer on their mobile device.

Leverage huge TV audiences to build a new meaningful digital relationship with your consumer on their mobile device.

Deliver Real Measurable Value From Your TV Ads Into Audience’s Apple Wallet and Google Wallet

The Mobii platform tracks the consumer from television advertising engagement through to the point of purchase and ultimately validates transactions inspired by television ads.

Adding a Transactional Layer to Television

Tracking the consumer’s path to purchase from TV to transaction, while collecting a wealth of intelligent analytics and big data. Delivering a full end-to-end solution for television, advertising and retail by closing the loop with POS integration.