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In our effort to shift consumer behavior from passive TV viewing to an interactive TV experience, we have developed several original television series with leading television production companies in the United States.

Streets of the City

ACTV8me has joined forces with Azoff Music Management to create and produce a new TV format that leverages and connects to audiences across multiple screens. "Streets of the City" brings 12 brilliant, struggling musicians, chosen from across the country, together to live in New York while faced with the challenge to make a living by performing on the streets of the city. In a never before seen twist, viewers at home can use the state of the art Streets of the City companion app to throw real money – nickels, dimes, tens and twenties – into the “virtual tip jars” of their favorite street musicians.

eBay Now Show

eBay Now Show

ACTV8me is partnering with Relativity Media and eBay to extend the eBay brand into the living room with interactive commerce-enabled programming. ACTV8me has combined the excitement from eBay’s bidding wars with their interactive multi-screen platform, allowing viewers at home to bid on products in fashion, home improvement and other featured products during the show via the companion app.

In Pursuit of Excellence

A powerful reality TV series about competition, survival, and finding the best athletes around the world. In Pursuit of Excellence features amateur athletes who are in need of funding to help achieve their full potential and dreams. The at-home audience can help transform these athletes’ lives by donating (crowdfunding) an athlete of their choice on the show via the companion app on their mobile device. Help fulfill their dreams, transform lives, and explore real life stories that will touch your heart, and help athletes around the world.

The Great American Scratch Off

The Great American Scratch-Off

A first-of-its-kind primetime TV game show that automatically sends out scratch-offs to the at-home audience’s mobile device in real-time. With unique embedded advertiser participation, the Great American Scratch-Off features two teams, each with a celebrity and member of the studio audience, competing against each other for scratch-offs! Some could reveal big bucks, others could reveal big disappointment, but one thing’s for sure: the at-home audience can play along for scratch-offs of their very own, revealing actual currency redeemable at major retailers across the country.


A fast paced pop culture show about celebrity fashion and the latest gossip and entertainment, with a shopping engine built in. The first entertainment-inspired talk show that is completely commerce driven, enabling viewers to purchase what they see on the show, the moment they see it and at discount, all from within the mobile app. Along with the host, a panel of experts will review the hottest looks, trends, gadgets, fashion, and more while the viewer shops along from home. See it, shop it, buy it... for less!


Wing Woman

The problem with a wing man is... he steals your chick. That’s why you need a Wing Woman! The first reality dating show that puts the control in the hands of the viewers through the mobile app. Choose the bachelor, choose the Wing Woman, choose the pairing and vote on the favorites. Viewers can also vote and influence various factors of the date such as budget, wardrobe and location throughout the course of the show and can even submit themselves as contestants.

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