Revolutionizing the path
to consumers

With a data-driven platform

ACTV8me's partnership with Diebold Nixdorf, the leading POS provider in the world, enables retailers to truly measure the ROI of every marketing dollar spent

Daily Scratchers

Measure and optimize campaigns with one dashboard

A seamless solution for retailers and brands to set up campaigns, measure results, and optimize real-time

Enhance the in-store experience with a contextual, measurable, and hyper-targeted mobile solution


Send targeted mobile offers to shoppers based on their unique user profile


Enable augmented reality treasure hunts in and around the store


Digital games keep shoppers entertained and engaged whether they’re in-store or at home

Daily Scratchers

Drive consumers to your retail stores with Daily Scratchers

Daily Scratchers is a mobile game that lives within a retailer’s mobile application.

  • 47%

    47% consumers rank digital coupons as the most important omni-readiness feature.

    Sources: Deloitte Digital 2012 / / / Gartner
  • 78%

    78% of all mobile searches for local business result in a purchase.

    Sources: Deloitte Digital 2012 / / / Gartner
  • 75%

    52% of U.S. retail transactions are driven through digital touchpoints.

    Sources: Deloitte Digital 2012 / / / Gartner

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