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Actv8me is a Marketing Tech provider offering a "transactional media" advertising technology platform. Actv8me adds a “transactional layer” to any media source, allowing advertisers to reach their audiences better, and enabling consumers to receive digital offers that are relevant to them.

Actv8me is a B2B (SaaS) ad activation, consumer engagement and brand advertiser attribution platform that ingests embedded audio and geo-location signals, and pushes customized digital advertisements to users' mobile devices.

Target customers are global media networks, production companies, retailers, the point of sale providers and sports/entertainment events and venue owners.

Actv8me technology enables Chief Marketing Officers to gain a complete view of their campaign performance in real-time and adjust their marketing spend to drive enhanced sales outcomes.

Actv8me's platform makes any broadcast, in-store, and events venue ad instantly actionable, shoppable and trackable.

We are at the intersection of media, commerce, and data.


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